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2/22/22 is the day we’ve all been anticipating; the day Hanai World is setting in motion a collaborative journey for all storytellers and creative adventurers. A call for artists and their communities to join a cultural expedition to build the future of Phygital entertainment.
Kikika'i Egg
Whimsical creatures of Hanai World, who knows what will hatch from these furry eggs? Kikika’i will accompany us, nomads of Hanai World, during our journey. Intrigued by the possibilities that hold these fantastical beings? So are we.
About Hanai World
Frooog Egg
This is an invitation to play, a call for Frooogolution, where we - the frooog community - turn surreal into reality, celebrate our differences, reboot our dreams, and trigger memories together. Wanna have fun? So do the Frooogs!
Every universe has a story.
This is ours.
Guy Laliberté
''When I founded Cirque du Soleil, I was creating theatrical experiences based on a traditional stage - the circus. In creating Hanai World, we are offering theatrical experiences based on a contemporary platform - the metaverse. Both these chapters of my life find common roots through my commitment to the values of love, trust and respect. These essential life principles characterize my desire to be a good ancestor as well as my purpose with Hanai World, a phygital adventure, to empower the young creative minds of this world and help them lead the journey of art with heart."
Hanai World
Kikika'i Egg
Frooog Egg
We are storytellers. Today, music, dance, theater and other art forms seized the virtual experience, gradually enhancing its relationship to artists and audiences. But the telling of stories between generations have few commonplaces, and so do innovative forms of creative expression where one can experience the real emotional powers of physical and digital mixed creations. 

Hanai World works to unlock the potential of "phygital” life by originating production and distribution models intended to realign our social values around a set of new interactions between art, technology and real-life human connections. 

A call to action for artists whose playfulness and imagination can collectively participate in the making of tomorrow’s culture while being empowered to foster environments and economies that serves them and their communities best. 

Choose your family. Envision your emotion. Live your Hanai.
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